How to install phpBB


The best way to install phpBB is to use the R5 Software Library, which is powered by the the leading automated installer service, Softaculous.

  1. Log into cPanel and scroll down to the Software section. Then click on R5 Software Library.
  2. In the left sidebar, go to Forums > phpBB and click the Install Now button.

    How to install phpBB in cPanel

  3. You'll be presented with a screen where you can change the domain name (if you have more than one in your cPanel), set a username, etc. Feel free to tweak the setting now or leave them as they are (they can be changed later).
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Install button. If you would like to have the installation details emailed to a different email address than the one on your account you can enter it in the field below the Install button.
  5. Once complete, you'll be shown a screen with the information on it you need to log into your new phpBB installation. The information will also be emailed to you.
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